It’s Date Night: Cheeky physics-based dating sim Table Manners is out today!

12 Feb 2020
Curve Digital and Echo Chamber Games are proud to announce their new first-person dating game, Table Manners: The Physics-based Dating Game is out on Steam today, handing romantics the world over the chance to find love in the middle of abject chaos!

Taking on the role of a disembodied hand with a knack for catastrophe, this tongue-in-cheek experience hands people the challenge of finding love when even the simplest of exercises - like pouring a glass of wine for your would-be partner, or lighting a candle to aid the ambiance - is a mammoth make or break task.

Add in some especially unique settings - dates aboard a cruise ship, or a mile up in the air on a private jet are anything but everyday occurrences - and you’ve got an experience where every moment is utterly fraught with danger and hilarity, and fit to rival any real-life liaison you may have lined up for this year’s Valentines. Table Manners also features a ‘left-handed mode’ to ensure everyone can get it on the affair.

Table Manners launches today on Steam for PC for £14.99/€16.99 /$17.99.

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