Autonauts to Receive Free Content up to April 2020

21 Nov 2019
Today Denki and Curve Digital have launched the first of six free content updates for their acclaimed colony management and robot automation game, Autonauts, along with a new infographic detailing new features launching for the game from now until April 2020.

In Autonauts players are challenged to colonise procedurally-generated planets by utilising the help of programmable AI helpers. Search the world for resources, create rudimentary crafting items from blueprints and build dozens of workerbots to optimise your economy as you create a fertile settlement to meet the needs of the ever evolving colonists.

Autonauts has already attracted over 800 users reviews on Steam, garnering a ‘Very Positive’ review rating. The playful programming fun is set to continue with the timely ‘Autumnauts’ update launching today. This free content features adds new robot variants, clothing, gnomes and more cooking recipes to the ever expanding robot management game.