Curve Digital to Publish Denki Studios’ Playful Programming and Colonisation Sim ‘Autonauts’

16 Jul 2019
Curve Digital is proud to announce that it’s working with independent studio Denki to bring their unique management sim Autonauts to PC this autumn. 

Autonauts is the brainchild of the former DMA Design (Grand Theft Auto, Lemmings) creative director Gary Penn and offers players the chance to explore the universe and colonise procedurally-generated planets, utilising the help of fully programmable AI helpers.

Fresh from your spaceship you must harvest stick and stone and begin your colonisation efforts. Create rudimentary crafting items from blueprints and build dozens and dozens of different workerbots to make your new planet a fully functioning home. Teach AI helpers their duties by showing them what you’d like them to do step-by-step, be it cooking, farming, mining or construction, and then Autonaut’s variety of different helper bots will carry out their duties until they are complete or you can loop activities indefinitely.

In essence, players code A.I to do their bidding utilising a visual programming language which is powerful but easy to pick-up, with hundreds of different construction options to unlock.

In development since 2017 and downloaded over 300,000 times during Early Alpha, Autonauts screams personality from every poly and is designed to be a colourful and welcoming experience which invites players of all ages to explore, craft and automate.

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