Add colour to your Nintendo Switch gaming life with Hue

03 Jun 2019

Independent games publisher Curve Digital and developer Fiddlesticks have announced that its critically-acclaimed puzzle-platformer Hue is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 6, 2019. A vibrant, multi-award-winning puzzle-platformer where you alter the world by changing its background colour, Hue is now available for pre-order through the Nintendo eShop for £9.99 // €9.99 // $9.99 meaning Hue on Nintendo Switch™ is cheaper than it currently is on other platforms. Curve is also offering launch discount of 20% until June 19, 2019 making it even better value for Nintendo Switch users.

Previously available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Hue is designed by London-based developer Fiddlesticks (Henry Hoffman and Dan Da Rocha), and seamlessly blends a vivid art style with intelligent level design and a touching narrative to paint a platforming adventure that is as refreshing as it is colourful.