Human: Fall Flat online multiplayer patch for Nintendo Switch now live

13 Sep 2018
A big thanks to our fellow Humans for their patience while we work to resolve connection issues with Human: Fall Flat.

We’re pleased to say that our first multiplayer update has now gone live on Nintendo Switch!

Players can now see up to 100 lobbies in the Public Games section - which makes finding your friends much easier

Manually refreshing the lobby list now shows a random selection of new lobbies to join – helping you find open games faster

Full lobbies are now removed from the lobby list on a manual refresh - only games you can join shown

Fix for issue where players where unable to save the full roster of custom costumes – up to 5 in total 

The team is continuing to work on updates and changes to help make your online experience easier, faster and more fun! Stay tuned for info on further updates on Switch and other formats when we have it.

Full patch fixes are below:

v1.4.1 Human: Fall Flat – Online Multiplayer Patch [Nintendo Switch]

Bug Fixes

Fix to the online Public Games lobby list to correctly list up to 100 lobbies rather than being limited to 10.
Fix to the online Public Games lobby list to display a random selection of lobbies on a manual refresh of the lobby list. 
Fix to the online Public Games lobby list to correctly remove full lobbies from the list on a manual refresh where the max player number had been reduced by the host to any amount below the maximum of 8. 
Custom Costumes. Fix for not being able to save more than 1 custom costume and having the game close with an error on manually closing it after having done so. 
Retains the 5 available custom costume slots from the original release and will attempt to fix any saved costumes for players that have saved any custom costumes since the 1.4.0 update.