Just Die Already Coming Soon to PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch Alongside PC

15 Mar 2021
Curve Digital and DoubleMoose are excited to announce that Just Die Already will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well as PC on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Soon, it will be time to head into the world of Just Die Already to take on the role of the world’s elderly - those greedy folks whose pension payments eat up all our taxes but were in their prime at a time when they could afford a decent home without a mortgage eating up their entire wage packet each month. Those damn old people. They don’t know they’re born, do they?

In short: The world is angry with you. The world wants you dead. So why not live a little?

Why not stumble in the shoes of those old enough not only to remember the day man first walked on the moon, but also the now oft-forgotten day after, when the fact Neil Armstrong was being hoisted on strings across a leftover set from Barbarella on a soundstage somewhere in Hollywood was revealed to the world and, subsequently, covered up.

Hashtag Barbarellagate. Yes, that’s right. Jane Fonda was technically the first ‘man’ on the ‘moon’. Look it up on Google, kids. This old guy right here just truth bombed your ass.

For more insights into Frank’s mind, the protagonist of Just Die Already, follow the Twitter account here: @JustDieGame.

Just Die Already is an old people mayhem sandbox from the designer behind Goat Simulator, Armin Ibrisagic. It’s what the YouTube generation are calling ‘Grand Dad Auto VI’ - or so the young’uns tell us - and it’s coming to PC and consoles soon.

Curve Digital and DoubleMoose will share more about Just Die Already’s launch date in the weeks ahead. Until then, you can wishlist the game here: https://bit.ly/3uNotMJ