Embr’s Biggest Ever Update out now

10 Feb 2021
To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Embr presents its biggest ever update alongside a 30% discount.

Embr is expanding! From your app, you can now access the complete District 2, with 7 brand new missions featuring corporate and higher networth clients. Here’s your opportunity to earn even more cash. But watch out Respondr, with greater opportunities come greater risks. Keep an eye out for the new, pricey, state-of -the-art Defendr security systems and face off against the up and coming startup Fyre, looking to steal Embr’s market share at every turn. Turn away Fyre’s marketing gimmicks and help us extinguish its flames once and for all.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, we’re unveiling the Lunar New Year Ox Hat for your collection! With it, customers will be sure to give you an extremely generous tip. Pick one up on Steam as free DLC, or the in game shop on Stadia. Grab one while supply lasts!

Thanks so much for your support, Respondrs!