Embr’s festive Holiday Update out now

18 Dec 2020
Holiday greetings, Responders!

Hot on the heels of our Winter Update last month, Embr’s Holiday update is out now on Steam! Here’s a full rundown of what you can expect:

BoxBox Delivery and Cleanup Gig

With the new BoxBox Delivery and Cleanup campaign, you’ll be delivering boxes to your clients in the nick of time, and also clean up their box waste in the most explosive manner possible. Who needs to recycle boxes when we could just burn them up. It’s much faster. Beware though, while the BoxBox boxes are ultra lightweight, they are also highly flammable. So handle with care! 

Vacuum Grenade

The product lab at Embr has done it again! For this Holidays, we are introducing the next big thing in grenades for firefighting. The brand new vacuum grenade removes air and moisture directly from the environment, helping you smother fire, and cleanup excess water. Get it before it sells out!