Brand new level 'Golf' is out now on Steam

17 Sep 2020
Pack your clubs, clambour into the nearest cart and don't forget to practice your swing. Human: Fall Flat heads to the green in brand new level Golf!

Golf is the latest Workshop competition level to fall onto Steam. Competition winner Princes not only sees his awesome level added to Human: Fall Flat's official level roster, but also gets a huge $10K USD for his trouble. Congratulations, Princes!

But watch out: Golf offers anything but a relaxed tee off. These fairways throw up more than just rough grass and sandtraps! Watch out for giant clubs that propel your Human through the air and don't miss catching a ride on the windmill sail. The view is even better with seven friends online!

To go alongside new level Golf, there's also a brand new skin available. Pop on a nappy and grab your rattle as you explore as a human baby. No, really!

Download Golf for FREE on Steam today!