Space Crew to launch October 15th on PC and consoles

28 Aug 2020
It’s almost time to don your space suit and ascend to the stars as Curve Digital and Runner Duck are positively pumped to announce that Space Crew, the sci-fi sequel to the sandbox hit Bomber Crew, will launch on 15th October worldwide.

Space Crew features the same compelling gameplay loop as its beloved predecessor with players controlling the moment-to-moment actions of their carefully selected, fully customisable crew. Their mission? To boldly go where no space crew has gone before and fight off an alien menace that threatens to eradicate humanity!

To help give would-be space travellers a proper taste of the kind of sci-fi drama at play in this single-player strategy sandbox, Runner Duck, has released a brand new Features trailer. See how many iconic sci-fi references you can spot in the new video.

Space Crew launches on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on 15th October and will be priced at £17.99/ €19.99/ $19.99 USD.

For more information about Space Crew and to keep track of the game’s development on the runway to launch please visit our Steam Page.