‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Similarity “Purely Coincidental” Says ‘Just Die Already’ Devs As Fresh Trailer Hits Web

28 Aug 2020
Responding to suggestions that its latest trailer looks somewhat similar to Cyberpunk 2077, development studio DoubleMoose - the outfit behind forthcoming old people mayhem sandbox Just Die Already, also widely known within the industry as “DoubleWhat?” - has suggested any likeness is “err, , erm, purely coincidental.”

Hype for CD Projekt Red’s latest game is at an all time high, though DoubleMoose co-founder Armin Ibrisagic has suggested the studio was in no way influenced by endlessly re-watching Cyperpunk 2077 trailers, over and over during the development of Just Die Already’s flash new promo.

“We talk a lot about Cyberpunk 2077 at the DoubleMoose office and the trailer kind of just ended up like this unintentionally,” offers Ibrisagic, sat in a home-made replica Cyberpunk jacket, complete with light-equipped pop collar. “Be cool, CDProjectRed. Don't sue.”

Said trailer follows a similar act of deference towards Death Stranding earlier in the summer. We wish to formally ask all journalists to start asking Hideo Kojima what he thinks of the trailer.

You can also download and play the Just Die Already demo on Steam for free until Wednesday 2nd September.