Join the USA AF in Bomber Crew's latest DLC on October 23rd

04 Oct 2018
This DLC pack offers the biggest and best planes you have ever seen. So big! Very large! Extremely American! Salute the skies and fly your flag, along with the iconic American Bomber - a nine-crewmember beast - across an all-new, never before seen Theatre of War. 

Get ready to face new threats both in the air and from the sea as you guide your crew to victory and make Uncle Sam proud. Do your part for liberty. For freedom. For military and global dominance.

“After the hugely successful release of Bomber Crew, it became clear that players were hungry for more content - most notably for the chance to captain the most iconic American Bomber of World War 2!” said Dave Miller, Co-owner of Runner Duck. “We got straight to work, building a brand new detailed Bomber bristling with gun turrets and ready for an expanded crew of 9 heroic yanks. We’re proud to present the USA AF DLC for Bomber Crew! It’s ended up containing far more content that we first imagined, but we believe the extra work was necessary to do justice to this incredible aircraft and the brave crews of the USA AF.”
“Bomber Crew has been a huge fan favourite since it’s release, and we can’t wait for them to get their hands on exactly what they’ve been asking for, for a long time”, said George Morgan, Product Manager for Curve Digital. “We’ve all been listening to feedback and requests, and the iconic American bomber has been a huge desire for so long. We can’t wait to see what players do with more crew, more gun turrets and more aviator glasses than ever before!”

Enlist now by purchasing the Season Pass, priced at £9.99/€9.99/$9.99, for access to all the announced and released DLC. The Season Pass offers a significant saving to buying all DLC separately. Buy in bulk, get savings - it’s the American way. 

Heck, if you've not bought the game yet be sure to grab the Deluxe Edition which give you both the Main Game along with Season Pass