Curve Digital signs frenetic firefighting multiplayer ‘unsimulator’ Embr

31 Mar 2020
From Muse Games, developers of the award-winning Guns of Icarus Online comes the brand new world of Embr - a fantastically fictional take on our world where citizens across the globe have embraced the gig economy to and now stand ready, phones in hand, to respond to your firefighting emergencies. 

Working together in an online co-op multiplayer, Embr is a frantic, frenetic, and - most importantly - funny ‘unsimulator’, and it promises to mix the spirit and valor of everyday heroism with a delicate dose of satire casting light on the Uber dominated world we live in. Players will work together to earn tips from clients, earning the ever-so-crucial 5-star rating in order to earn cash, upgrade tools, and become the ultimate ‘have-a-go hero’ firefighter.

Embr will launch on Steam Early Access later in 2020. Players can expect multiple major content drops in the months after launch significantly expanding the game. Muse Games will also continue to diligently work with the community to further shape the Embr experience based on feedback and suggestions.