Introducing A Knight's Quest, coming to PC and consoles in 2018

10 Aug 2017
Curve Digital is happy to announce that A Knight’s Quest, a third person action adventure developed by Toronto-based studio Sky9 Games, will be unveiled at Gamescom on the 22nd -24th August.

A Knight’s Quest pays homage to the classic 3D adventure games of the past and puts players in the shoes of Rusty, a reluctant hero who sets out to save the world after accidentally endangering it.

Rusty must explore the enormous game world - packed full of dungeons, side quests and secrets to discover – to defeat the evil spirit he released into the world after a mishap with a magical vase.

Players must defeat enemies using the game’s epic combat system, overcome tricky puzzles using elemental powers and master the world bending powers of the Spirit Shield to help him save the day.

A Knight’s Quest also boasts a rich sense of humour. Packed full of jokes and mischievous side quests, the game is both a loving homage and a pastiche of the series it’s based on – offering fans of the series a plenty of laughs along the way.

Sky9 games is a two man indie studio based in Toronto, Canada founded in 2013

Mike is the artist for Sky9 Games, who creates the characters, environment, and overall aesthetics. As a lifelong gamer, he grew up playing old-school PC adventure games and console games like Sonic, Final Fantasy, and Zelda.

Justin is the Programmer, responsible for the gameplay design, and technical effects. He's always had a love for platformers and action adventure games such as Mega Man legends, Mario, Crash Bandicoot, and of course, Zelda.

The game is set to launch in 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and on PC.